Discover me, drink me, give me.

I am the Italian artisan aperitif born to celebrate the landing of the man on the moon. Taste me, savor my flavor with friends and then give me as a gift, choosing among many original collections created by creatives, designers and artisans expressing the best of the arts and crafts of our Italy. You can also create your limited edition Apollo 11, with a detail that makes the difference, to surprise those close to you with a gift that is only yours!

The moon is here. Enjoy it!

Choose your Apollo 11 among our collections signed by Italian artists and creatives. Get ready … one leads to another!

Dress me up by creating your limited edition Apollo 11 with the help of our stylists. Your events will be unique!

Enter my store and find out how many ways and formats you can get, taking me to your house or giving me as a special gift!

Discover my unique taste, my feeling with ice and cocktails and share with friends an amazing aperitif.

Have fun with me by reusing my bottle with creativity, elegance and, why not, also with a touch of fresh irony.

Discover which is the most beloved Apollo 11 at the moment, the one that brings the magic of the moon directly into your hands.


Proudly pink and positively contagious, in my shop you will find many original gift ideas , which have been handmade in Italy.

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Pink Moments

The aperitif with Apollo 11 is a ritual that speaks about joy and freedom.

Wherever you want and however you want. In the kitchen, on the sofa, in the garden at friends’ house or on the terrace by the sea … the aperitif is your moment, the one in which you celebrate your moon … yes, because every day each one of us conquers his own small or big moon . Start now!

Pink Wedding

Special guests of your party: pink, moon and good Italian drink.

You are a woman who sees her life in pink … especially today! Then you’re one of us! Find out here how to bring the touch of the moon into your most beautiful day!


I bet you've never done this before!

We intend to have you assisted by a stylist to create your Apollo 11 bottle together with him.

A bottle that only you will have and nobody else!

Do not wait, write or contact him in a chat.

If you prefer, you can choose among the collections created by Italian artists who have reinterpreted Apollo 11 according to their … moon!

Pink Blog

Notes, ideas and news from the world of pink philosophy.


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